City of Champaign | Growing


Have you seen Champaign lately? If not, you may not recognize it. Champaign has grown substantially in recent years to become a true urban center in downstate Illinois. New urban development in downtown and Campustown have not only begun to give Champaign a “skyline” but also offer more choices in living, working, shopping and playing.

Downtown Champaign

What was once just a quiet downtown that rolled-up the sidewalks at 5:00 has become a 24-7 urban center with new restaurants/bars, retail, offices and residential condos and apartments. In 2004 One Main, a four-story mixed-use building with retail, offices and condos, was completed. It represented the first mixed-use development to be built in downtown in years. In early 2009, M2 on Neil will be completed nearly doubling the size of One Main across the street. M2 will also contain retail, offices and nearly 57 condominiums. Elsewhere, upper-story renovations have made downtown the place to live in Champaign.

University of Illinois Campus

Similar to downtown, Campus has also witnessed significant change that may not be immediately recognized by alumni. A more urban feel to “Campustown” includes a redesigned and reconstructed Green Street which now includes a mix of local and national retailers and restaurants including Urban Outfitters, Potbelly’s and more. Development in Campustown has also contributed to creating a new Champaign skyline with new residential developments including the 18-story Burnham 310 and the 24-story residential tower at 309 East Green St.

The most significant improvement on campus would have to be the recently completed $125 million renovation to Memorial Stadium. This project solidifies the Fighting Illini’s gridiron reputation with a first-class facility.