City of Champaign | Living


Champaign, together with its twin city, Urbana, is a University town within easy driving distance to Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis, so you get the best of urban accessibility in an easy-to-manuever, smaller city. With a rapidly redeveloping Downtown and a true commitment to the arts, Champaign offers diversity, arts and culture like no other city our size. Not to mention one of the best perks of Champaign living – no rush hour traffic! (Average commute time? 10 minutes flat.)

Big City / Small City

The City of Champaign is an outstanding community to live. Along with the City of Urbana, it is home to the flagship campus of the University of Illinois. With a student enrollment over 40,000, the university brings cultural diversity to the community that is typically only found in cities much larger than Champaign. This allows residents of Champaign to enjoy many of the amenities provided in a larger city yet still enjoy the advantages of living in a smaller community.

Diverse Neighborhoods

Living in Champaign is also quite affordable and there are a variety of neighborhood options. Whether it’s a new condominium in Champaign’s thriving downtown, an older home in a turn-of-the-century neighborhood, or a large home in a newly developing area of the city, residents truly have a choice in where they desire to live.

Ideally located

In addition to being home to a world-class university, Champaign is strategically located close to major metropolitan areas such as Chicago (2.5 hours), Indianapolis (2 hours) and St. Louis (3 hours). Although Champaign is located on major interstates, the community is also a stop for Amtrak’s direct service to Chicago with three routes per day.

Local Economy

A strong local economy based on the University of Illinois, local medical centers and clean industry provides a stable business environment. Effective local government ensures that community resources are well planned and managed. The City is a regional shopping destination, with a large enclosed mall and the North Prospect Avenue retail area providing selections and choices from most national retailers and services.

Champaign 75,254
Urbana 37,362
Champaign County 179,669
Faith/Religious Service

Champaign County has a diverse assortment of faith denominations. For places of worship, refer to the local yellow pages or contact the Champaign County Convention and Visitors Bureau at 800-554-7270.


Champaign's central location between a number of major U.S. cities allows for convenient travel. There are a number of airports located within a relatively short distance from Champaign including our own Willard Airport.