City of Champaign | Recruitment

Jennifer Johnson

  • City of Champaign Position: Financial Analyst, Finance Department
  • # of years employed with the City of Champaign: 15 years
  • Favorite places to eat in Champaign:Radio Maria, Dos Reales, Sun Singer, Manzella’s
  • Favorite places to relax after work: Sun Singer
  • Best place for coffee before work: Café Kopi
  • Best live performance you’ve seen in Champaign: James Taylor at the Assembly Hall.
  • Best annual event in Champaign: Downtown Christmas parade & the Festival of Lights
What’s the impression you had of Champaign before moving here?

My impression was that Champaign was progressive (even 15 years ago), had a lot to offer (dining, arts, shopping, U of I sports, etc.)

What are your impressions about the people of Champaign?

Champaign residents are proud of their city, passionate about issues and care about others.

What are your top 3 favorite things about living in Champaign?

There is so much to do – restaurants, arts and sports. The city is growing in the right directions. Very progressive. There is plenty of opportunity – jobs, volunteering, education, etc.

What do you do for fun in Champaign?

Most often I go to dinner downtown Champaign. I also enjoy movies and Illini sports.

Tell us about raising your family in Champaign.

I have one daughter, Olivia (10). We’ve had great experiences with childcare options, elementary school (Bottenfield), and park district camps and programs.

What do you think about downtown Champaign?

Fantastic! Since I’ve worked for the city for 15 years, I’ve seen an amazing transformation of the downtown. It’s so alive.

What do you appreciate most about the diversity of Champaign?

There is a feeling (& expectation) of tolerance and acceptance in Champaign.

How do you think your job helps make Champaign a better city to live in?

I think the City expects and adheres to a high standard which, in turn, contributes to a healthy, vibrant community.

What do you like about the people you work with?

City employees truly care about each other and about doing the best job possible. Many departments function like families.

What do you think about the benefits offered at the City?

Excellent. City employees are very fortunate to have great benefits and stability.

Tell us your top 3 favorite things about working for the City of Champaign.

Opportunity to serve the community and fellow employees; Constant challenges and professional growth opportunities; Wonderful benefits, job stability and co-workers.