City of Champaign | Recruitment

Jim Lievano

  • City of Champaign Position: Firefighter
  • # of years employed with the City of Champaign:18 years
  • Top 3 favorite things about Champaign:cultural diversity, downtown night life, events at the U of I
  • Favorite places to eat in Champaign:Minnecci’s, El Torrero, Kofusion, Escobars, Green Jade.
  • Favorite places to relax after work:Jupiter’s, Esquire
  • Best place for coffee before work: Merry Ann’s
  • Best annual event in Champaign:tailgating, Fourth of July fireworks
What are your impressions about the people of Champaign?

It is a very diverse community with a great mixture of blue collar and white collar. The University brings a vast array of different cultures that enhance our social experiences.

What do you think about downtown Champaign?

Great and vibrant rejuvenation of a classic downtown in mid-America.

Tell us about raising your family in Champaign.

Already raised my family but the experience was great. The school system at the time was exceptional.

What’s your favorite thing about working for the City of Champaign?

The camaraderie of my Brothers and Sisters in Champaign Fire Fighter Local 1260. Our ability to support one another in both our victories and our tragedies.

How do you think your job helps make Champaign a better place to live?

We in the fire department are truly in touch with a vast cross-section of the citizens. The times we see them they are at the worst experiences of most of their lives. With a kind word and compassionate touch we are able to dull the sharpness of that tragedy or hard time.

What do you like about the people you work with?

The members of our union are a true family that regardless of any one of our needs we are there to take care of each other. For a person like me who ended up 1000 miles from my blood family these people I work with day in and day out both on duty and off are irreplaceable.

Tell us your top 3 favorite things about working for the City of Champaign.

The people I work with, the challenges of the job, the ability to make a positive impact in somebody's life who is in need.

Tell us anything else you think potential hires might want to know working for the City of Champaign.

Great little city to work for, good benefits, good opportunity to excel.