City of Champaign | Recruitment

Kevin Jackson

  • City of Champaign Position: Neighborhood Services Director
  • # of years employed with the City of Champaign: Less than 1 year
  • Favorite things about Champaign: Safe, family friendly environment; parks and activities; and the diverse character of its neighborhoods.
  • Best place to relax after work: Other than at home, Aroma and Café Kopi.
  • Favorite places to eat: Jim Gould, Sam’s Cafe, Jupiter's, Seven Saints, Shanghai 1938.
What do you like about the people you work with?

They are very competent and take great pride in our community.

What do you like most about the values of the organization?

The values that guide the philosophy of the City of Champaign foster a strong ethic of teamwork, leadership and value production for the city.

What do you think about the benefits offered by the City?

The benefits are great. My family is very content about the benefits offered by the City.

What are your top 3 favorite things about working for the City of Champaign?

The management philosophy of the organization fosters leadership and growth. The city provides a broad array of services for the community, which demonstrates its broad concern for the citizens of Champaign. The City encourages innovation.